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Full Version: Is device sync also meant to sync current timer status?
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I have "Device Sync" turned on for two devices - a Win10 desktop, and a Win10 laptop, both using Firefox in general. I set up everything on the desktop, then enabled sync on the laptop, and all my plans imported. (Not every setting, it seems, but the plans look fine.)

However - it appears that these plans are just *copies*, rather than true syncs, in terms of timer use. For example, my "Reddit for 20 Mins / Day" timer on my desktop can show a different value to the same timer on my laptop, and using Reddit on my desktop does not appear to count down my laptop timer (and vice versa).

Both devices have "Direction: Both" enabled in the Synchronization setting, though it's greyed out so I don't even really have a choice there.

Am I missing something else?
Hi Jack, no you didn't miss anything. The device sync is a pretty new feature and does not yet support syncing of used time across devices. We'll be working on this soon! Thanks!