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Full Version: Solved: Blocking of websites when browser not active
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Hello FocusMe Team,

I really love your app, especially the fact that it is very hard to cheat and disable. 
However, I have unfortunately found a way to cheat on my video media limits (YouTube specifically) by playing the media on my monitor and then clicking a non-blocked process on my laptop screen. This allows me to use only a couple of seconds of my limit on opening the video and occasional pausing it, while the video itself can be of various lengths, sometimes longer than my 40min/day allowed time.
I was wondering if there is a way that the app could catch this? I imagine it would be difficult, but perhaps a solution would be to continue counting down the timer if the app catches YouTube playing a video in the background. 
I will note that this exploit only works on video-related blocks, things like social media or gaming (which require constant interaction) can't be used this way. 

Again, thanks for the great app!

Thanks for the really nice feedback!

I guess you might have missed rule number 2 Smile

However I actually was just working on this issue and it is solved since version when using our browser addons.  Big Grin