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Full Version: Time period options for time limit
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Previously I used the Firefox add-on 'Leech Block' to control my distracting desires, but unfortunately it could not stop me from just going to Microsoft Edge which cannot be uninstalled!

Ideally I would eventually love to see all the functionality of Leech Block appeear in FocusMe, but for now, the most desirable thing would be more options for the different Time Periods you can select when using the Time Limit option of FocusMee.

FocusMe has the options of:

per hour
per day
per week
per month

Leech Block has these extra options:

15 mins
30 mins
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
6 hours
8 hours
12 hours
2 days
3 days
4 days

Thanks for your efforts.
Hi Muelo,

Thanks for the suggestion! I think it's a great idea. We will definitely try to expand the available time limiter options something like this in future. Smile
Just to add to this...
  • Microsoft does their screen time controls really well, visually (see here), for an entire week's worth of controls. It might be worth considering if there's a medium between MS' implementation and FocusMe's (which involves a bit more clicking to get to each day's controls) that takes the best of both worlds?

  • LeechBlock additionally has a feature I'll call "Block when time limit is up AND/OR inside blocked hours" which is really handy. You don't have to use it at all, but one of the options allows you to easily set up a scenario where Website X is available for your time limit (say, 15 mins) within the hours you select (say 9am-5pm) and is otherwise free. The other option lets you set Website X to be available for your time limit (15 mins) within all hours EXCEPT those you select (say 9am-5pm), and is banned during those hours.

    So this is nice for situations where either there's a site you want to be able to visit a lot, just not during work hours... or where you want it to be banned completely within work hours and still limited outside of them. This is achievable with FocusMe, but not without (to my understanding) having multiple plans in place for the same sites... I wonder if FocusMe could have this kind of power within a single plan, using a similar option.