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Full Version: Is it possible to set up the browser addons yet?
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I see the links to them in the change log (, but when I open them they just download a .xpi file that I don't know what to do with.
Hi, yes it's possible. The .XPI file is the Firefox addon and must be opened with Firefox. You can just drag it into the Firefox browser window and it should ask if you want to install it. Thanks
Thanks! As a follow up question, is there any way to verify that the addon is connected to the app?
If FocusMe can see the URL in the FocusMe Helper that means it's connected.
What do the add-ons do specifically? My FocusMe helper can see the URL with or without the extension.
In certain cases on some systems/browsers, the usual method we use to get the URL does not work or can work slowly. So the addons are there to provide an alternative and faster mechanism. We plan to add other features later too such as different block screens which would require the addons. But if everything works for you without then feel free to skip them for now.