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Full Version: Solved: Whitelisted site gets closed if I change window and back again
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I use Vivaldi by default but find that fm seems to have inconsistent results with the whitelisting on it (even after enabling the render toggle as per user manual).

So I use chrome instead when this happens - but even then results are odd. I am locking down to whitelist my work domain e.g I can load a page from a device on the domain and it works ok. If I alt-tab to another app and back again, then the tab gets closed (or sent to home page in my case) and it says site blah not on whitelist (showing the address) - so I then have to press back to reload it and it works.

Any ideas why this happens and if there is a fix? If not, is there a MOST supported browser?

I use Chrome and am having this same issue. It also sometimes takes multiple refreshes of a page for it not to be blocked despite being in the whitelist. Most of the time it's only a minor inconvenience as a page can be reloaded but it can get very frustrating when you are filling in form fields, for example and they get cleared each time you bring up another app.

I see this thread has not been responded to despite being over a month old - any answers would be appreciated!
Hi both, I am very sorry about the delay. We had some issues with the forum and didn't get a notification about this thread. I will ensure to solve this so it does not happen again.

Regarding the whitelist problems I believe this bug was solved in update - other users have confirmed. Please try this. And apologies about the bug. Thanks!