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Full Version: Adding a delay (instead or in addition ) of typing a password
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One thing that help to reduce cravings is to increase the time between
the urge and the reward itself.

This is what the software does by asking to type a random password
before going to a distracting website.

However, the reduction in craving is roughly proportional to the time.

It might be worth to explore an alternative way to increase the delay.

Simply provide an automatic delay between the time when we click to
pause or stop a plan, and the actual pausing and stopping of the plan.

This would could be combined with having to type the random password.
(Perhaps before or after the delay itself)

I feel this would reduce the craving even more than a random password,
since a random password of 200 character takes perhaps two minute to

Imagine having to wait 20 minutes before you go to reddit/youtube!
Hi PRR. the recent update might help you with this since the random character length can now be set to a maximum of 2000 characters (compared to the old 200). If you haven't yet, please update to the latest version.

You can do a manual update by downloading the latest version here:

Hope this helps!