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Full Version: Block based on network or location
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Hi Jon. I would like to request the ability to block websites/apps based on the location (within a certain radius of an address) or network (e.g. connected to my home WiFi). This will help me tremendously and I believe others too once you introduce the feature. When I am home I am very unproductive if I have access to the Internet. When I go to uni or work, the environment is enough to get me to be productive. Therefore I would like to block the Internet when I am at home, have it blocked all day, and when I go out I can access it. This is one big feature for me. I believe no one else does this, but like many other things focusme can be the first and best at it. Please let me know if you can integrate this soon. Thank you for all your efforts!
I just posted in another thread, but an integration of FocusMe with IFTTT would fix this type of problems too. @Jon, again a passionate plea for adding IFTTT support Wink
Yes please! That would be great!!!  Big Grin
OK everybody. Smile We will try to look at this as soon as we can. Thanks!
(05-27-2019, 07:02 PM)jon Wrote: [ -> ]OK everybody. Smile  We will try to look at this as soon as we can. Thanks!

Glad to hear IFTTT integration is still in the works! I have been trying to find workarounds & other options, but they're so complicated and could all be simplified with an API or IFTTT integration. I was one of the OG posters about these options ~18 months ago and came back to check if someone had figured out a better way. @Squizie3 is right, it would be a total gamechanger!  Smile