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Full Version: A few suggestions
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I wanted to share a few suggestions:

1) Update existing lists with more entries and individual section in UI to see your lists

Currently, if you want to update an existing list with more entries you need to load it, add the new entries and then save a new list with the additional entries because if you try to edit an existing list you can only delete/update the existing entries but not add new ones. Could you please add the ability to add new entries to existing lists?. It would also be nice if you could see/edit your lists on a separate tab as for now you need to access an existing plan to see the available lists.

2) Cancel button on existing plans

If you edit an existing plan and make changes, the changes are permanent. I would be good if there was a cancel button to discard the changes that were made on a plan.

3) Confirmation when deleting a list

It would be good to have a confirmation pop up when deleting lists.



Thanks for these suggestions, these sound like great ideas. Just a quick tip when editing plans - Clone a plan first before making changes. That way, if you want to go back to the original plan, you can do so easily.