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Full Version: Scan tabs and close blocked sites
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Just like you scan background processes and close apps on Windows, could you please have the ability to scan all open tabs in Chrome and close sites that are on blocked in an active plan? This would be very useful.


Yes, that's something we will try to do! We have addons coming out soon that should help.

hi Jon, is there any ETA on the addons? Been hearing about them for a few months now. Thanks Smile
January is the current ETA. Sorry for delays! Smile
Quick update. Currently FocusMe and the addons only work with the active tab. There were a few teething issues we were busy with but now they are stable.

So we could try to add support for background tabs, but it depends how much more interest there is because it's quite a bit more complex to do. Thanks
I would also like to voice support for this feature, thanks!