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Full Version: YouTube integration
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Hello, a feature request that I have for FocusMe is to add Youtube Integrations, because youtube can be very helpful for me, but I always notice myself watching unhelpful and unproductive videos, that are unrelated to what it is I am meant to be doing. By adding integrations, hopefully, only videos that I want to come up will come up, and videos that are unproductive wont be watchable. So far, the best way that I have thought of doing this, is to block certain categories in youtube that I put into FocusMe. For example, in the FocusMe program, I chose to block the 'gaming' and 'entertainment' category - when I do this, youtube videos from those categories wont come up, and will be blocked if I do somehow manage to click on them. Blocking certain youtube channels that we input into FocusMe would be useful aswell, as it would mean that I won't spend ages watching channels that can be very addictive. These are some Integrations that I believe would massively help boost my productivity on youtube. THANKS Big Grin
I very much agree with this ^^ To add to it, I think it would be great if we could block youtube keywords aswell. The Chrome extension 'Youtube Video Blocker' allows us to input channels, wildcards, and most importantly keywords, and when we add the keywords, those videos with the keywords in the title/description will NOT come up in recommendations, search or related. And if we do manage to get on them, they are blocked and return us back to the youtube homepage. This helps me lots, but I can easily delete the extension even if I have blocked the chrome extension page( because I can delete extensions on the bar next to the chrome search bar), so a FOCUSME version of a youtube blocker would take it to a new level - block categories and channels(like you said), aswell as keywords, because then we cannot somehow bypass or delete FocusMe. So yeah - youtube integrations would change everything and take it to a whole new level -blocking categories, channels, keywords. I'm hopeful that soon, these can be added.
This does sound like a very difficult feature to implement but it would be really useful!
Hi all, thanks for the ideas! I can confirm we have put this on the roadmap for next year. Smile
hey Jon, would love to know the progress on this! Thanks Smile
A workaround I currently use is to use browser add-ins (DF Youtube, Ublock Origin, Block Website) to mostly "disable" YouTube use... e.g. DF YouTube takes away my main video feed, related videos, etc, I use Ublock to additionally remove the "Subscribe" button and channel link, and I can use a website blocker to disable urls that contain certain segments of the URL you get when you search for new videos.

That way, all I can really view is my "Subscriptions" page, which I made sure to only fill with useful channels.
My workaround for this is to click 'not interested' to a bunch of those videos so youtube will stop suggesting them to me.. Not perfect