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Full Version: Solved: Firefox for Windows not caught by 'block internet' function
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Worked OK for a few days but since then not blocking Firefox at all. Happened after moving from maybe 30 to 60 whitelisted sites. But I assure you none of them included twitter or facebook! Which are completely accessible through firefox, along with the rest of the net. Chrome and IE are blocked zealously by the app but not these. I did a rigorous uninstall both using standard windows uninstaller and IOBIT uninstaller, then re-downloaded, reinstalled, same problem. Win 8.1, i7 notebook, 8gb ram.

Would be useful not to have to block firefox 100% as it's the browser I get on with best.

Hi there,

Recently we've run into some issues getting the URL from Firefox (due to Firefox updates). It is affecting some users.

We are making browser addons now which will solve this and these should be ready in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile there are two possible workarounds:

Block by Title instead or in addition to URL. example:

Block Firefox and use another browser. example:

Please can you contact our support so we can assist you further?
Thanks Jon. I fixed it by removing 'mozilla' from my whitelist (title section). 

I am finding title and url categories 'intolerant' as it were: i've got in 'title' but it's being blocked. Also finding Pomodoro mode confusing: I set it up for 1x 20 min Pomodoro but it seems to be repeating and repeating.

It's a great app though.
Hi, thanks. Please can you contact us via our support so we can take a closer look and help you with these remaining niggles?
Is the Firefox addon still expected to come out soon? The new updates don't seem to have fixed the issue in my case in that it can still take FocusMe about 15 seconds or more to close a website, which is more than enough time for me to just clear the address bar before the block registers.
Hi there. The dev team is currently working on this and it should be available soon. Can you contact us through chat so we can look into this further? Just go to and chat with us there.
Hi, the Firefox addon is now available via our download page: