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Full Version: I get the password to stop a plan only when I send an email
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It's great to be here. I wished when I got this app that there was a dedicated forum for FocusMe, and now it's here! Thank you. This app is wonderful and has improved my productivity single-handedly. 

I'd just like to share one little "trick" that I use to make it even more effective. It obviously cannot be applied to all situations, but if you have work like me, it really helps. All I have to do is write a few articles and send them to my employers' ID. Anyone in writers' work would know how easy it is to procrastinate. I also don't have very strict deadlines, so I can slack off easily. It gets to the point that I have many articles pending that should have been sent weeks ago.

So I create a plan that blocks distractions and use a password to stop it. And that's the only way I can stop that plan. It's a password with random characters, making it hard to memorize by just looking at it a few times. 

So then, what I do is that I create a "flow" in Microsoft Flow service. It works like this: when an email is sent from my email account (Gmail) that meets the criteria I set, this system automatically creates a text file containing my password in my OneDrive folder. This works for me wonderfully because I have this extra motivation to work and send articles daily on time, so I can get the password and have some fun time on social media or watch YouTube, etc.

It's risky because there's no way to end or pause the plan at all until I send that email with a very specific subject line and specific attachments. But that's why it works.

Thanks. Just wanted to share.
Hi Vivian,

This is very ingenious! Smile

I hope other writers will find this useful!