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Full Version: Save and Load Plans
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Would be great to be able to save and load Plans. 
Would make backups, sharing or the transfer of plans to different computers possible. 

Recently upgrading FocusMe on one computer I've lost all my FocusMe Plans and the example FocusMe Plans too. 
With save and load plans I would have been able to prepare a backup of the plans to load or be able to transfer the plans I have working on my other computer.

Thanks for a very helpful program
Hi Jeff, thanks for this request. We do have a manual way of exporting and importing plans which we can provide via support. But we'll try to make this a built-in feature of the app in future. Thanks again
Hi jon, I would like this feature too. For the time being, how do you manually import/export? I haven't been able to find this
Hi, focus. You can create a support ticket about this and we'll send you the details. You can create a support ticket here:
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