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Full Version: Notifications blocker
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I keep getting distracted by notifications from other apps and would love it was possible to block notifications for those apps that are blacklisted in the plan ( or a global notification ban via Windows 10's Focus Assist). For example, if a pomodoro timer is on., notifications from blacklisted apps will not appear on screen as a popup or make sound. When it is a pomodoro break, the notifications can then be viewed slowly
Hey there,

This is a great suggestion, thanks for bringing this up! We'll try to incorporate this in a future version.
It is more than a year already, Glenn. How is this feature going? I need that! :-)
I know I can turn off Mac notifications on my own, but an inbuild feature would be a lot easier. Especially if you can disable notifications only for apps / websites on your blacklist for the time of the profile.
Hi Rixxx,

Unfortunately we have been really busy working on other more popular feature requests and this is not something we have had time to look into yet. I cannot give any guarantees when we can do it at this time. Sorry about this.