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feature: timer only when timing - gribley - 09-16-2018

Trying out FM and I'm very impressed so far. Planning to subscribe when my trial runs out - my goodness but I need this!  

My number one use it to minimize distracting websites (twitter, I'm looking @ you). The timed mode is great for this.  

Feature/UI suggestion: Timer should only be visible when it's counting down (because I'm on a blocked site), and then it should be always on top and probably bright red.  I don't need the timer when I'm working -- it's irrelevant!  Only when I'm on a distracting site do I need it to remind me that my time here is limited.  Furthermore, I never need the session length -- if it's the length of a work day, it's just counting down till 5pm   Undecided  Not especially helpful. 

I know having everything user customizable is a hassle, but these options would be incredibly significant for me.  I wonder how many others primarily use GM in an access-time-limited mode? 


RE: feature: timer only when timing - jon - 10-02-2018

Hi gribley, very sorry for late reply. Your post was awaiting moderation but this is fixed now.

Thank you for posting this good idea here. I confirm some others have asked for this feature as well, so it's something we will definately implement when we can. Smile