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Suggestion: Block black/whitelisted sites - Jeroen - 07-04-2020

Right now, the software prioritizes the whitelist over the blacklist. Pretty logical, otherwise a whitelist would be useless.
Whenever I use the whitelist, it's mostly to unblock a certain subpage of a blocked website. Though, to whitelist a site, it's nice to have a less strict protection then fully stopping the plan.
The issue with this is, you can whitelist the entire site you just blocked. If I wanted to whitelist a certain Youtube channel, or specific part of a news site, it's just as easy to just whitelist the whole site. 

My suggestion: Make it so that the whitelist doesn't overrule the blacklist if a page from the blacklist is whitelisted. 

If is on the blacklist, make it so that, www., and can't be whitelisted, or can't overrule the blacklist.

I don't know whether it's possible to easily implement this, but it would be pretty useful to me.