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'plan export' feature for purpose of support - Flowers6 - 05-31-2020

First off, I wanted to say I have been interacting with support and they are really great!  

I see that most times you are having problems with a particular plan, support needs you to send screenshots of each of the pages of the plan so they can see what is going on.  A good feature would be some sort of button within a plan that allows user to export the details of particular plan into a downloadable file, that you can just send to support when you make your ticket, so they can see right away what is going on with the plan.

At the moment you have to create ticket, and then they ask for the screenshots, and you have to stop/open plans, take individual shots, attach them to emails, etc... so it is less efficient.  If the users were prompted when creating the ticket to upload a file of the plan data that they had exported right at the beginning, support could be streamlined.

Keep up the good work - this is a great program for our needs of parental control. 

RE: 'plan export' feature for purpose of support - alejandro - 06-10-2020

This is a really nice idea @JL! I think it's a win-win for support and the user since it would benefit both. I've notified our development team on this (and added a few things like the settings page). Smile