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Hey - joswww - 12-30-2019

Hi Guys!

I'm Jos from Holland, kind of a customer care goon for professional life... I prefer to call it case manager, sounds more posh.

Besides I do some other cool stuff like online marketing for some friends, I'm also an aspiring writer. 

Have een using FocusMe on and off for a year or so and I like it pretty much. Curious thing I found out: It works best when I need it least. 
What I mean is that when there's something in me that wants to focus on certain things, like a project. Or a change in lifestyle.... And I want it só much that I can sit with some automatic distraction seeking behavior (read: flares of uncomfy feelings), then some basic blocks is all I need. 
But when I'm fueled with ideas on how I should spend my time differently and ï make myself busy trying not to be busy and distracted, it doesn't really work. Interesting mind stuff.
Why join the forum when I can also keep nagging the very attentive customer support? Very simple: a feature request   Angel

And who knows...  Tongue

Have a good one!

RE: Hey - alejandro - 01-14-2020

Hi Jos welcome to the FocusMe community! Great career you have there!
I totally agree when you said "It works best when I need it least." -- it slowly becomes a habit instead of a just a "need" which helps in the long run.
Feel free to post your suggestions here in the forums.  Wink

Thanks and have a good one also!  Big Grin

RE: Hey - karla00 - 06-12-2020

Hola Jos! Espero que te haya ido bien: Smile también soy nuevo, mi nombre es Karla y estoy aquí para buscar sugerencias sobre cómo administrar este software, estoy interesado Smile

RE: Hey - alejandro - 06-17-2020

Hey Karla!, welcome to the FocusMe community! just ask away here and we'll help you to the best of our knowledge. Smile

RE: Hey - Carmen Lista - 10-19-2020

Hola, cómo estás? También espero obtener la informacion que necesito sobre este maravilloso software, gracias.

RE: Hey - alejandro - 10-21-2020

Hi @Carmen welcome to the community! Feel free to read around. You may also visit website our watch our video guides there. Big Grin

RE: Hey - romual23 - 12-11-2020


RE: Hey - alejandro - 12-11-2020

Hola @ Romual23! Welcome to the community! Smile

RE: Hey - ionenabors - 12-21-2020

I feel the same way!

RE: Hey - juliacos - 02-01-2021

Hey Welcome to team Smile