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Scaling issues - Balloba - 12-10-2019

Hello, i have some scaling issues, specifically with the timer pop up.
I have a dual screen setup, main monitor is 2560x1440 (150% scaled) and secondary 1360x768 (100%). I like to have focusme in the secondary monitor to always keep track of things. Timer pop up would be even better so i don't have to switch window constantly but when opened in the second monitor it's so small i can barely read it. The app doesn't even allow me to override the high dpi scaling (option is greyed out). Any fix to this?
Also another minor annoying thing is that every time i start the app the timer opens in the main monitor and i have to manually move it around instead of remembering its position.

RE: Scaling issues - alejandro - 12-10-2019

Hi Balloba! Try this: Right click the FocusMe icon > Properties > Compatibility > Change settings for all users > Change high DPI settings > High DPI scaling override should be enabled in this (see attached)

Regarding using FocusMe on the second Monitor: open FocusMe on that monitor, then right-click its taskbar button and choose "Pin this program to taskbar."

Try and check if it remains there after you close it. Should the issue persists, please raise a support ticket here so we could properly assist you. Smile