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show timer in taskbar - natnie702 - 07-17-2019

I love having the timer notification. It would be helpful it could stay running in the taskbar or on top of the window currently being used.

RE: show timer in taskbar - jon - 07-25-2019

Thanks for the suggestion! We do plan to add an option to display the timer in the taskbar.

RE: show timer in taskbar - koz - 11-09-2020

Hello Jon,
Has this feature been added? I can see where I can show the timer, but not one to show it in the taskbar.

RE: show timer in taskbar - lorenz - 03-16-2021

Hey, Guys! It's been a while and hope you are all doing well! Currently, the timer in the taskbar is not available yet. Although, yes! There's already a way for it to stay on top of the window/s being used. How is that working so far? Smile

We're monitoring the number of requests about this. That said, may we ask your help to file a ticket here:

We'll give you guys an update as soon as we can. Thanks and stay safe!