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Browser support - lubomir - 01-11-2019

Hi there, 

I have Vivaldi and it looks it's not supported right now, so I came with idea to keep list of supported browsers and requests of support. So anybody can report status or request support without making new thread for it Smile
Note for admins: Feel free to modify it Wink

[supported]        Chrome 
[not sure]           Safari
[supported]        Edge
[supported]        Internet explorer
[supported]        Firefox
[supported]        Opera

[not sure]           Yandex
[not sure]           Coc Coc
[not sure]           UC browser
[not sure]           Chromium
[not sure]           Maxthon
[not supproted]   Vivaldi   [requested]

RE: Browser support - glenn - 02-13-2019

this is really helpful, thanks! As for Vivaldi, you just need to do a few things and it should work with FocusMe. We can send you the steps if you create a support ticket here:

All the best!